Great Miami Tours
See Miami Through The Eyes Of A Native Born Resident.
Great Miami Tours was established for the purpose of providing the best possible personalized tours of Miami, Florida.  Our tours are designed for people who are looking to explore and discover the unique hidden places, personal secrets and hottest spots in Miami that only people who were born and raised here in South Florida will know about.  Miami has many hidden gems and cool places that locals love to frequent and enjoy with their families and friends.  Now you, your family and friends can visit and experience them too!

We don't just load you onto a bus, van, swamp buggy or airboat with strangers and zip you through the obvious and overrun locations in a speedy manner so we can pick up the next bunch.  We provide a day long tour in order to show you the coolest areas that no other tour company is going to show you.  Our tour guides are born and raised in Miami, Florida.  So you will see the best and most exciting areas.  GUARANTEED!

Our optional packages range from a few hours of driving around to a full day of driving including meals, swamp buggy rides and airboat rides.  Choose any one or all amenities.   Pricing varies based upon package chosen.  No matter which package you choose, it will be the greatest tour of Miami, Florida, USA, that you will ever experience. CLICK HERE TO SEE PACKAGE OPTIONS!

~ See It All And Really Enjoy Your Visit To Miami ~
"The Greatest City In The USA!"
Don't Just See Part Of Miami. See It ALL!
"Don't just see a small part of Miami.  See ALL of Miami.  And see it through the eyes of a tour guide who is a natural born resident that knows Miami and ALL of South Florida like the back of his hand!"
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